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What is Olgru?

All of us have some talent/skill which we are really good at.
We might have acquired this skill by learning, practicing or even experiencing. Have you ever wondered how useful this skill could be to someone else? Olgru is a platform where we provide you the ability as a Guru to display your skills to your prospective Shishyas who are in constant search for your skills. We have a whole range of skills to display and to choose from, ranging from IT courses to cooking or even horse riding for that matter.

So go ahead, be a Guru show what you've
got and needless to say EARN. :-)

We also believe that all of us are in a constant need to upgrade ourselves by either improving our existing skills or by acquiring new ones to stay ahead in the present age competition. On Olgru you'll find many Gurus who have acquired these skills the tough way and hold an edge compared to other traditional ways of learning.

So,wish you luck!

How it Works?

A marketplace for Gurus from all walks of life

Olgru is a marketplace where it is considered that each and every skill is important in some way or the other. Be it writing complex Java codes or making furniture, everything is required and holds importance in our lives differently. That is why Olgru is a unique place where we value Gurus from all walks of Life. You don't need a degree or a qualification to prove that you are a Guru. You must be passionate about your skill and should have a willingness to earn an income by training others.

All the best!