Olgru stands for “OnLine GuRU” and is an online marketplace where users willing to learn a particular skill meet the skilled/experienced Gurus.

We firmly believe that, all of us possess some or the other skill that we are good at. It could be something as complicated as writing a Software program or something as little a skill as making tea.

Having said that, all of us at the same time also have the quest/requirement to learn many things to increase/develop our skill set. It could be something like having a session on Interior Decoration or interest based skills like origami, playing a musical instrument etc.

We classify users as Gurus and Shishyas on Olgru.

Olgru provides an opportunity for the Gurus to earn extra income by teaching/training/imparting some skill to the people who require it. And at the same time, gives an opportunity to Shishyas to learn and enhance their overall skills to stay strong in this highly competitive world.

On the other hand, it saves a lot of money for the Shishyas who would learn something through any conventional way of learning (for e.g. institutes, coaching centers, tuitions etc.). These conventional places have a lot of costs on them (like cost of premises, electricity bill, staff salary etc.) which they recover from their students. Olgru straightaway cuts those extra costs that users bear and enables them to pay only for what they learn.

And the best part is we don’t charge you any fees. We allow users to post their profiles as Gurus for free and allow Shishyas to access the desired Guru profiles for free.

Olgru enables ‘Earning bhi Learning bhi’…

What We Offer?
Some Great Features

Liberty to become a Guru on your own

Earn extra income irrespective of your current profession/status

Advantage of finding a suitable Guru with relevant experience

Cost Advantage as our Gurus are mostly individuals

Olgru’s Team

We are a group of highly experienced professionals from varying backgrounds. The amount of experience we bring in enables us to understand the needs of this highly competitive market and to provide an effective solution to address them.

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